The Forest Feast


Bloody Mimosa - a citrusy champagne cocktail

Citron Rosemary Fizz - soak vodka in lemon or citron for a few days to create this springy drink

The Skylonda Cocktail - named after our neck of the woods, this is like a Manhattan but a little spicier.

Hot Chai Cider - “Chaider”, if you will…it’s a wintery drink to warm you up. (You can spike, if you like!)

Strawberry Mint Julep - refreshing and just a little sweet

Rose Wine with Raspberries and Basil Lemon Cocktails

The Fritz - a vodka/gin martini with cocktail onions

Blackberry Negroni - with campari, gin and vermouth, garnished with fresh berries

Old Fashioned Cocktail - with cranberry garnish- great for the holidays

Chai-Nog - with nutmeg on top. It’s good spiked or not!

Sipping Chocolate - a warm and cozy drink

Classic Champagne Cocktail - a tasty drink fit for any celebratory occasion

The Manhattan Cocktail - with whiskey, sweet vermouth, a dash of bitters, and a cherry

Pomegranate Campari & Soda - a fun, fizzy cocktail 

Sparkling Lemonade Mint Julep - a simple twist on the traditional Mint Julep

Cucumber Sangria - with white wine, honey, honeydew melon and lime

Watermelon Margaritas - a fun and colorful summer drink

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